Dukling 3rd Anniversary Promotion

To celebrate the 3rd Anniversary of relaunch for DUKLING, DUKLING Online Gift Shop has roll out a special promotion!

Visit https://shop.dukling.com.hk and enter promotion code "dukling3rd" to enjoy 20% discount for single purchase up to HKD$200! (promotion ends on 12 July 2018).

Share more Dukling exclusive Hong Kong souvenirs to your family and friends.


Terms & conditions:

* All transactions are governed by the terms and conditions of Dukling Online Gift Shop.

* This promotion code applies to single transaction up to HKD$200 purchase only and cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotion codes or offers.

* Only Dukling Online Gift Shop members, registered or newly registered are eligible for the promotion coupon.

* In case of any dispute, Dukling Limited reserves all the final decisions.